Welcome to ‘TechnoSchool’-The ICT Solution Provider for Schools

What's that we provide?

TechnoSchool is an education provider which encourages and aids children to explore and learn skills of the era in a comfortable environment blended with hands-on Products powered by effective teaching, learning and assessing tools. We at TechnoSchool, offer a variety of choices from various streams of ICT, providing a platform for learners to make their course of education meaningful, enjoyable and profitable. TechnoSchool provides an innovative and interactive environment for students to learn, develop and apply their knowledge thereby streaming and sharpening their minds towards a skill oriented academic pursuit.

We envision to provide a safe and happy environment for students, where they are able to be themselves and obtain technical knowledge to its full.

Why should you opt our ICT style of education?

Our academic package has in it an holistic and updated content to ensure better technical nurturing of the budding minds of tomorrow. Our teaching approach imparts learning in an effective environment where wards acquire both theoretical and practical expertise.

We roll out the best updated ICT based curriculum to our clients assuring the learning the latest Computer technologies right from Grade 1. We adhere by strict policies to keep our course ware up-to-date that would adequately meet the needs of the trending technological era.

A path to transport students from the world of books and pencils to a wider globalized technical environment that would bring learning of computers down to their desktops. Thus we build a way of learning much smarter.

We provide all our solutions online and thereby replacing old tools of teaching and learning with newer improvised and individualized tools, making learning easy and effective and enjoyable.

We provide a wide range of templates for wards to practice the various concepts learnt in classrooms, thus ensuring the thorough absorption of each topic.

We provide solutions for assessing the students on conceptual, theoretical, practical and application basis, ensuring an unbiased assessment mode and method.